The Lift and Gift

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Dl1961....part of me wants to just type DL1961 over and over again and have that be the entire content of this post. If you've tried them on you understand what I mean.

Ladies — and gents, as they have them for you, too, but we haven’t yet delved into mens jeans. Should we? — if you've yet to try on these jeans do yourself a favor and just do it. Go ahead, you can come back to this post after you go try some on.

Okay, you’re back. Now do you see what I mean? Once you took my word for it, or the countless other addicts of the brand’s word for it, you too understand what a lift and gift these jeans offer.

“Lift and a Gift” is a saying I learned not too long ago by a lovely lady who maybe had too much wine or was maybe like me and kinda said whatever, whenever. As I was trying to pay attention at an event, she was having fun showing off her new ahhem .... assets. What did she call her birthday/newly single/why-not-I'm-50-and-I-can?  A Lift and a Gift. And while the lift and gift I'm referring to is not on the chest like hers, the same principle applies for about, oh I don't know, a couple thousand less dollars and the lack of knockout drugs and recovery time. Like an amazing bra, the jeans are worth every penny, every frustrating moment you had until you met the pair(s) that give you that epic lift and gift.

The breakdown:

DL1961 jeans are not like other brands. They don't sag in the tush. They don't require you buy them two sizes smaller cause they’s gonna stretch out like mad after one wear,  and they don't break down like other skinny jeans.  What they do have is a stretch that moves four ways. Thus, what creates the epic lift and gift. The jeans move with you and your body and prevent that dreaded back side sagging. (Ugh, nothing is worse!) But they have enough non-stretchy components that they won't wear out as quick as others if you by chance are the lady whose thighs aren't separated by 4 inches of air (ie, you're a normal person whose thighs touch!).

And the No. 1 reason why I picked to carry them in my store? They make most of their styles in size 24-34. Yup, they are a designer jean that doesn't end at a size 30 or 32 like so many others. So coming from someone who in the last four years has worn anywhere from a 28 to 32 that makes me happy. Because being told "We don't carry big girl sizes" made me mad enough to start carrying clothes in my store, and the rest is history.


One of our top sellers for all sizes, 24-34 is the Coco in Solo. (Yup, those aren't hemmed and yup, they are long and we love it!)
Model on left: 5'8" wearing a size 29
Model on right: 5'7" wearing a size 26
The Lift and Gift of the Coco
Model on left: 5'8" wearing a size 29
Model on right: is 5'7" wearing a size 26
The Emma in Blaze
Model for both front and back is 5'7" size 26
The Amanda in Columbus
Model for both front and back is 5'7" size 26
Really, we carry most sizes so come in and try some on.
Special thanks to my models!


 Want to win a pair of DL1961 jeans that are gonna be your "Lift and Gift" aka favorite jean? Comment on why you should win (comment button is up top!) and follow us on Instagram @jacksonbootlegger and @montanabootlegger! Winner will be announced on 2/4/15.



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A Carry-On Vacation

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A Carry-On Vacation


          My Mr. likes to surprise me, and last week's surprise was a gem. Twenty-four hours in sunny southern California. Absolute bliss. The catch: He gave me less than 16 hours notice to get packed and ready for the fun in the sun. Planned so that I only had so much time to freak out on what to pack. Well played mister, well played.

          Here is the breakdown:

  1. One carry-on suitcase for us both. Yes both of us! And I had to be "hands-free."
  2. I had to transition from negative temps to low 70s seamlessly.
  3. I wasn't made privy to the plans...only the temp of where we were going and to pack a swimsuit. (Yup, I had no idea. Nice dinner? Casual dinner? Sporting event? no clue)


          Hands Free: I took hands free to mean I couldn't bring one of my bigger purses. So, even though they can double as an overnight bag (see picture below for my favorite winter bag) and they carry my work tools so well , I had to leave them at home and bring something smaller. What did I opt for? My Louis Vuitton fanny bag I bought so many many years ago while visiting my sister-from-another-mother in Japan. Do I sell this or other fanny bags at my store? Nope. But, this isn't always about The Bootlegger because, let's face it, I can't carry everything. And even if I could, I wouldn't. That's not what we are about. But, I do have a great selection of bags/purses/clutches and wallets. So come by and check some of those out.

          Transitions: I learned about 7 years ago that even though 70 is cold to some people its officially a heat wave for me. So how did I go from negative temps to 70? Easy. First, I had to figure out a color pallet I was going to wear, and I went tried and true and kept it black/gray/green. Then it was time to figure out my best shoe option for tights/jeans/dresses. Although I would love to always travel with heels, sometimes it's just not possible. My Frye Diana booties fit the bill. They are a worn out black color that goes great with the tights I wore on the flight out, the jeans I wore on the way back and the LBD (little black dress) I brought that doubled as my dinner dress and swimsuit cover up the next day. See how I did that? 1 pair of shoes for everything except beach time, where instead of rocking boots I had a pair of Haviana black flip flops.

          Clueless: For me, I'd rather be overdressed than underdressed without exception. If I feel confident in what I'm wearing, I just simply have a better time. There is not a lot of things worse to me (at least in regards to fashion) than being underdressed or uncomfortable in my attire. Thus, the color pallet of black. Although it's not what I think of as a beachy color, I think it works. I paired my outfits with a few key jewelry pieces that I seem to wear on repeat. My feather style Heather Hawkins is one of my favorites of all times. It moves effortlessly from casual to dressy and can help move an outfit whatever direction you want it to go. Having items pull double duty really helps save on space. My oh-so-comfy Autumn Cashmere cardigan in charcoal worked well for the plane and the late night beach strolls. And the dress that went from night to cover-up? One of my best buys from last summer from Bella Luxx (we have one left ladies!). It's a cotton tank dress with just enough ruching to not require any type of shape wear underneath. Perfection!

The pack as it looked from my closet floor. There are a few items not mentioned in the post such as that non matching swimsuit from Target and VS.

From left to right: A Fine Line V-neck T $80; Frye Diana $378; DL1961 Emma in Riker $168; Heather Hawkins Necklace $160; Autumn Cashmere Drop Pocket Sweater $385; Bella Luxx dress $98 (italicized items online and in store)

My favorite winter bag by Ellington, Natalie $239

And, my make-up which is my other addiction.




PS: can we go ahead and skip out on doing comments on the rather shoddy level of my photo skills, please?


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