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The Lift and Gift

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Dl1961....part of me wants to just type DL1961 over and over again and have that be the entire content of this post. If you've tried them on you understand what I mean. Ladies — and gents, as they have them for you, too, but we haven’t yet delved into mens jeans. Should we? — if you've yet to try on these jeans do yourself a favor and just do it. Go ahead, you can come back to this post after you go try some on. Okay, you’re back. Now do you see what I mean? Once you took my word...

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A Carry-On Vacation

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A Carry-On Vacation             My Mr. likes to surprise me, and last week's surprise was a gem. Twenty-four hours in sunny southern California. Absolute bliss. The catch: He gave me less than 16 hours notice to get packed and ready for the fun in the sun. Planned so that I only had so much time to freak out on what to pack. Well played mister, well played.           Here is the breakdown: One carry-on suitcase for us both. Yes both of us! And I had to be "hands-free." I had to transition from negative temps to low 70s seamlessly....

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